Dear Leela

I led a poetry workshop at the yoga farm the other day and gave the prompt to write an ecstatic  love poem to yourself, which was prompted by Claire’s intention of self love during morning asana.  What a radical practice ~ I think this resonates with honoring the divine light within all of us. please share your own self-love poem!  namaste


Dear lover, you are moving
like honey through the world.

I love you. I am
ecstatic for you like the way
elephants come to water
to bathe all day
in the hot sun.

You are my water
I wait for you.
You are my fire
wood just sparks when you’re around.

Dear Lover,
you and me are one
we swim through the vast ocean
with strength, beauty, compassion
as the whales & the dolphins
sing their low songs
that echo all through
the ocean floor.

I keep waiting
for you to bust out
I keep waiting for the world
to open its big paws
to take you in.

Dear lover, your voice
is the honeycomb
feeding all the baby bees
your voice is the hummingbird
her heart quivering in the ribcage.

At the end of the day
I come home to you.

Thank you for the dreams
that sweep eternal
through the landscape
of your mind.  Wild fire
has nothing on you.

You are raging in beauty
all the way down to your toes.
Your brain is putty for Spirit

You are a vessel
made for this.




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